5 Sites Every Developer Should Follow

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5 Sites Every Developer Should Follow

"Kubernetes is awesome, I would love to see auto-healing in my systems”

Working with new frameworks is fascinating, but it also births a few questions.

“Are enterprises actually using it?”

“Is it really worth the switch? my current solution works fine.”

“The benchmarks on the official site look amazing, it would be great to hear some stories.”

As developers, we constantly hear about new frameworks, tools, and the most promising managed service cloud has to offer. We are tempted to bring it into our environment but also feel a little sceptical about its origin and the community.

A pattern is an idea that has been useful in one practical context and will probably be useful in others.

– Martin Fowler

The best way would be to know about the advancements and how other organizations are adopting them.

Here are my 5 picks that any software enthusiast should follow.

ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

Every six months or so, ThoughtWorks publishes its Technology Radar. What started as an interesting experiment has turned into quite a notable publication.

Source: ThoughtWorks

The radar gives a bird’s eye view of the technologies ThoughtWorks as an Organization plans to adopt. Moreover, you can also make your own radar on their site.


You may have bumped into one of InfoQ’s YouTube channels while searching for Microservices or Distributed Systems. This is an absolute gold mine and you should definitely check out their conferences.

Source: InfoQ

Software is changing the world*, and our mission is to help dev teams adopt new technologies and practices. InfoQ provides software engineers with the opportunity to share experiences gained using innovator and early adopter stage techniques and technologies with the wider industry.*

– About Us Page (InfoQ.com)

My personal favorites are Design Microservice Architectures the Right Way , How Slack Works and Scaling Facebook Live Videos to a Billion Users.

If tech conferences like InfoQ excite you, then make sure to check out Goto and Devoxx.


HackerNews is among the oldest social platforms for computer science news, games, and entrepreneurship. The site was called “Startup News” at first. And after a few iterations, it’s finally called “HackerNews” (Complete Story).

Source: Hackernews

It basically curates the latest tech buzz on the internet and is a treat to read, sort of like Reddit for Tech Enthusiasts.


Packt has gone beyond a technical book publisher. It now homes to the latest technology updates via blogs, courses, and also podcasts.

Source: Packt

Needless to say, their books are top class and you can also buy a subscription for complete access. I have read their Google Certification Books, Python Programming Books and they were worth it!


We can all agree on one thing, we love open-source. There are more than a thousand open-source projects on Github alone. This site helps in curating the latest open-source projects across platforms.

Source: OpenSource

This website is backed by RedHat, so it is safe to say the content is trustworthy and reviewed. The curations are good for IOT, Programming and DevOps use cases.

Are there any other tech sites that you use? Let me know in the comments!

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