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The first sentence for starting any programming journey.

Today I start my blogging journey , where I’ll share my learnings for programming and all the silly things I do with code.

Lol, what are you blogging about?

Things I have thought I will blog:

  • Programming Solutions Things that have made me search the Internet crazily (over and beyond StackOverflow)
  • Certification Preparation I consider certification preparation as a dedicated effort to learn the inner mechanics and why was it built in the first place. I won’t reinvent the wheel here, I’ll point you to the right stuff wherever I can.
  • The right solution for this problem From all my programming journey, I’ve realised that people have already solved a lot of problems and we don’t happen to know that. I will share the correct solution for this and also how I would attempt the solution.
  • Tutorials I would love to share my experience about the tutorials/courses I’ve taken. Also, I’ll be making some tutorials as a gift to my future self, so that when I don’t remember how it works I can look them up here.

Cool, sounds good. What can I expect?

Things I’ll include in my posts

  • Programming Memes
  • Quotes
  • Code examples
  • Gists
  • Draw.io diagrams

Keeping it short and sweet so that my future self can also enjoy.

I have something to say

The comments section is all yours, feel free to comment. Things you liked, disliked, suggestions, requests or a meme, anything!

Congratulations on reaching the end, thank you for your time!

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